Bacon Bits 'N Pieces


It has been an amazing year with lots of possibilities!

The Internet really stretches a person's horizons. I use to think that just designing patterns would take my work to people and places that my body could not go. With a website, I can communicate with customers personally all over the world. I hope the new website will appeal to new and experienced quilters, alike.

I have so many new ideas that I am trying to get into my projects. My work use to be based on a need such as; a baby blanket, a graduation gift, or to preserve a moment or memories. But new colors and textures are changing my projects. You might think that living near the ocean, a person may not need a quilt because it is too warm but cotton also has a comforting cool side.

Whatever your need or situation, I look forward to hearing from you. I plan on sending you updates as things develop.

May God bless your day and the work of your hands.

Debbie Bacon

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