Bacon Bits 'N Pieces

About Me

My name is Deborah Jean Bacon but you can call me Debbie.
I have always enjoyed working with color and design.  I started working with fabric when I was a child and managed to get an Arts and Science degree from the University of Oklahoma.  Whether I am designing a new garment or a new quilt,  all my work speaks with purpose and delight.  I have studied many fashion designers, quilters, textiles, art history, and many other cultures and their use of textiles.

After many years in broadcasting, business, and public relations, I turned my focus on raising my three children.  In 1985,  I took my first quilting class and have been hooked ever since.  Inspired by the people and places around me and encouraged by my faith, I have created and won many awards.  I really enjoy the creative challenge that quilting explores.  I have been able to create movement and dimension in my quilting projects.  But in the end, I can literally wrap someone up in my work and keep them loved and warm.

In my spare time, I have been an active member in several guilds and have chartered a few.  I continue to instruct and develop new classes and projects for the passionate quilters.  I have lectured to children in the classroom as well as in churches or the Historical Society.  Currently, I am working my "day job" at Nordstrom in the Woodlands, Texas.  I also am designing under the Bacon Bits 'N Pieces label.  I published a book that came out in 2006, "Mad About Plaid". It includes projects for the plaid lover in all of us.  It illustrates wall to bed size quilts using homespun, madras, and tartans.

God has blessed the work of my hands, as He promised and I wish to share it with you.